Joe Bond’s third release with Rebel Eye. Nameless club goers, DJs, and promoters make up the House Music scene. Nameless represents unity in the realms of the underground. Jack is the name of our collective consciousness. Name yourself!

This record reminds me of going out in the early 90’s. Flashbacks of clubs like Limelight, Redzone, Sound Factory & Palladium come to mind. In my opinion, this was the golden era of the House Music scene. Visions of club kids, dancers, and misfits playfully paying homage to the movement. A time of colorful nameless people that had a love affair with abstract dance music.


Joe Bond: Nameless- ( ORIGINAL REMIX)
REBEL EYE is a prestigious label based in New York City with its founder Rhenalt. Rebel Eye was formed to take more control in the music industry but yet always produces fresh sound in desired digital form. Constituting a vast number of talented artists like Angelo Boom who recruits talent to bring to the world of music rebellion. Rebel Eye takes music to elevated pinnacles. Also representing House Music as a whole. The music will capture an essence of a time when entire movement and lifestyle was simply called HOUSE. The name Rebel Eye is inspired by going against the grain.  Letting your subconscious mind be your guide in the creative realm. Having Rhenalt being the commander of the wheel at Rebel Eye, there is nothing forced and this makes Rebel Eye one of the most organic and genuine imprints around. The original track “Nameless” has a strong and consistent bass line with a luring vocal to add. The beat dropping 90s inspired music from the underground take Nameless to a newly level. A collage of layers that sound organic and fierce embody all there is in this original version of “Nameless”.

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency

Brazil-based Bruno Brasil in collaboration with Brooklyn-based DANNY LAFORGE is something special.  Together they deliver an eclectic unique sound. I love the little town that Danny LaForge comes straight out of! What a noteworthy town known as Nyack, New York.  With Danny LaForge and Bruno Brasil, any dance floor will vibrate.  Now picking up the pace, I also pick up my name from the dance floor and I have been captured with this tune.  A lot of interest is involved with this remix.  Transitions are spacey and smooth. I am a cadet and one with the sound. DANCE. REPEAT…

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency

Joe Bond: Nameless- (DISCO 2000 RHENALT REMIX)
New York City-based DJ and Producer, RHENALT is certainly “LIMITLESS”. He thinks, breathes and lives music. The uncompromising NYC-based Nervous Records released STREETS OF NEW YORK to add to his impeccable credentials. Rhenalt has produced and remixed records from world- renowned labels.  In this remix, I feel as if I am dancing straight out of ‘Sound Factory’ and into ‘Limelight’.  Disco balls are on point with an energetic build. As the music plays on I feel now that I just resurfaced from a decade of amazing disco dancing and suddenly it’s now the New Millennium! My new environment is the desired feeling of being covered with nature.

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency

Joe Bond: Nameless- Angelo Boom (BOOM BOOM REMIX)
New York City native ANGELO BOOM has skills that fuse his style into a primal force of nature.  Adding his own flavor to the great body of rhythm his accolades set before him such as Todd Terry. BOOM in a word, unique. What a great remix as nature chords are now taking over.  I am intertwined in a wooden climate melded with a playful synth of excellence.  Unique vocal tunes are toning every beat to my steps. Wooden instruments are agilely leading me into a NAMELESS tread.

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency

Joe Bond: Nameless- W. Jeremy (DUM DUM ACID REMIX)
Upon relocation back to NYC in the early 2000s, W. JEREMY has a lot to be imperious of.  He currently holds residencies at The Standard NYC as well as The Top party at The Soho House in New York City.  His releases are above and beyond expectation. W. Jeremy’s sound is unambiguously contagious.  With his remix of “Nameless” W. Jeremy takes you through an era inspired by a musical journey of names for the less inhibited and into an experience of a multitude. You could not hear more sounds in a name, well NAMELESS because of its unique versatility. Vocals vibe with a ‘Dee Lite’ inspired tone with a consistent bass line that is of pure delight.

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency

Joe Bond: Nameless (DJ GRUJA REMIX)
From Belgrade, Serbia, DJ GrujA has concrete experience in the industry as he has focused on production as well as gaining support with the likes of Dave Clarke.  With influences from the 80s funk, jazz, break beat and a wide range of guitar based music, he has stayed well respected in the underground scene.  In this dope remix, I am on a static vibration of soundscapes.  So many elements harmonize to a dusky beat.  Rhythm and base are lovers together in this NAMELESS track earning a plaque.

– Jennifer King

Eagle Sound Agency



Angelo Boom took a much-needed vacation in Dallas to reflect on life and music. The Lonestar state provided insight for the prolific composer. Newer concepts and passion inhibits the soul of the man that puts the boom in your room. Dallas, the inspiration for a blazing EP that bends the soundscape of the underground movement.



this-aintt-house-1THIS AIN’T HOUSE is a jacking, oldskool kind of record. Think back to the time when the scene was attended with only true house music enthusiast. No V.I.P areas, no outrageous charges, and no dress codes. The music was raw, clever with a dash of danger. This record brings that feeling back!

Meet Me At The Leather Disco by Manny Cuevas



Kicking off the releases for Get Up Recordings in 2017 is the Meet Me At the Leather Disco EP, coming from Florida’s own techno and house music pioneer Manny Cuevas (aka, DJ M-TRAXXX). The EP contains three originals and two remixes of the title track from NYC’s Rhenalt and Toronto’s Carlos Fuerte.

No stranger to the Get Up Recordings family, Manny Cuevas has worked with label owners W. Jeremy & Christy Love since 2009 when he was the A&R person for acid house creator DJ Pierre’s label, Afro Acid Digital. Originally from South Lorain, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Manny settled into the unsuspecting City Beautiful (Orlando) in 1985. He quickly became a force for pushing the sound of Chicago house and Detroit techno on Rollins College’s local station, WPRK 91.5FM, broadcasting his show from 1989 until 1997. Expanding beyond showcasing himself, he’d host many world-renowned DJs and producers, including Carl Craig, Roy Davis, Jr., Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak, DJ Duke, and frequent mixes from DJ Pierre. As DJ M-TRAXXX, Manny has the toured the US as well as the UK, Central and South America, Germany, Amsterdam, and Edinburgh. On the production side in 2009 he was remixing Louie Vega, DJ Pierre and his mentor, Junior Vasquez. Manny would also earn his way onto Vasquez’s Generation Next compilation on Tommy Boy’s Silver Label. Two years later his original production “House Thunda” was included in Snuff Crew’s benefit compilation for Japan. The title track, “Meet Me At The Leather Disco”, is a deep, dark, whistle-blowing, late night jam. Pumping alongside of that is the “Jackin’ Tha 707” beats track. Rounding out the EP is “M-TRAXXX Anthem–3 (featuring PlusDeep)”, which takes a beautifully different direction with its old school house melody and atmospheric feel.

First up on remixes is Rhenalt, head honcho of Rebel Eye Records. He is a world-traveled DJ, playing in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, as well as every major venue in NYC. Rhenalt has released tracks on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid Digital, Todd Terry’s In-House, Nervous, as well as Get Up. Rhenalt’s remix puts a dark acid twist on the title track, lending itself to be a late night floor-filler.

Next up on remix duties is Carlos Fuerte. As a fixture in the Toronto house and techno scene, he stepped away from the industry and has recently had a resurgence. The remix he delivered here is amazing. He takes the dark elements from the song and spins them into something beautifully positive.

Atish (Desert Hearts) – “This EP is so old skool I couldn’t refuse.”
Andy Riley / Inland Knights (Drop Music) – “I quite like the Rhenalt Remix.”
Kid Enigma (Great Lakes Audio) – “This release is solid.”
DJ P-Rez (Not So Fast Records) – “I have room for every track on this release. Every single track is quality.”
Lupe Fuentes (Inhouse Records) – “Original 6am mix is grooving!”
Kane Ian (Dustpan Recordings) – “Nice stuff on M-TRAXXX Anthem 3, and I’m also digging Carlos Fuerte’s mix of Meet Me…”
Dean Facer (Resident Advisor) – “All are superb in their own way. Great release.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) – “Very cool EP, particularly the Rhenalt Remix of Meet Me … and the Jackin’ the 707 cut, wicked stuff!”
Kosta (Vibe FM) – “I have to say that Rhenalt’s remix does the trick for me. Fresh!”
Andrew Emil (Four Play Music) – “Really LOVE the Get Up and Love Mix. Very spiritual, will definitely support this.”

1804: The Hidden History of Haiti




1804: The Hidden History of Haiti is a documentary film by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. Nasheed is the producer of the #1 selling African history documentary series Hidden Colors. The new film 1804 talks about the untold history of Haiti and the Haitian revolution, which was the most successful slave rebellion in history.

For years, certain people in Hollywood have tried to come up with the resources to do a film about the Haitian revolution, but they were halted by different challenges because of the controversial subject matter.

But we feel that the unknown history of Haiti should be uncovered and taught to a global generation of people who will see the perseverance of the Haitian people as a source of inspiration.

This is the first time a documentary film has gone in depth into the history of Haiti, and the film will also explore the real reasons for the current state of Haiti.

Funding raised for this film will help cover production, on-location travel costs, elaborate reenactment scenes, and post-production costs.

So get involved, and become a part of history, and contribute to the production of 1804 today!

I’ll pitch the track for the soundtrack. Let’s see how it goes!